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britvasionicons's Journal

Invading In 100x100 Format

Britvasion Icons
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An icon and graphics community, largely classic rock themed.

This is the graphics journal of imalumberjack27. Here you will find various graphics, including icons, headers, ‘friends only’ banners, and desktop wallpapers among various other graphics goodies. A lot of the graphics here have to do with music, specificially classic rock, but you’ll also find graphics based on movies, actors/actresses, books, etc. Just keep an eye out. If you like my graphics, feel free to join/watch this community!

To credit icons I’ve made on LiveJournal, simply put imalumberjack27 or britvasionicons in the comment box when you’re editing your icons. You can credit me in any way as long as my name or the community name is there. For example:

You can also say, “made by,” “created by,” or even “from the queen of the universe,” before my name ;). If you're using one of my icons on a website that is not LiveJournal, simply link back to the community URL wherever it is that you would credit the icon maker.

For headers and FO banners, please credit me wherever you would put such information on your journal (such as a "Friends Only: Comment Here" post or perhaps in a layout sidebar box if you have one). And for wallpapers, if anyone just happens to see it and asks where you got it from, remember me =)

The following communities are affilates:

oxmotic_icons, isaymakebelieve, nerdork_icons, relayicons, classicrockart

If you would like to affiliate, just comment on any post or send me a private message.

I use sources from all over the place. Some of these don't even exist anymore, but I have used their creations in the past and so I feel I should still give credit.
dj43, braggadocio_org, lipsofpoison, dreamydaydream, gaelic_aoife, liminalstate, x_ohmyfluff, miggy, firithel, trash_graphics, Brusheezy, Webbie, Peach-Blush, Absolute Trouble, Mint Tea, Sanami276 on Deviantart, Elvensword on Deviantart, Ruthenia-Alba on Deviantart, Lookslikerain on Deviantart, RebeccaCallaway on Deviantart, Special-K-001 on Deviantart

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